The Future 5: To be continued...

As our Future 5 project for 2010 is coming to a close, it was a pleasant surprise for PR Week to produce a short video summary of the breakfast we hosted over at Haymarket towers. If you're reading this blog you've most likely heard of our Future 5 project, so I won't dwell on what it is too much. Especially as we now have our snazzy booklet on-line (drop us an email if you want a hard copy).

A fair few months have passed since its inception, and it's been good to see more and more of the trends coming into featured campaigns in the press, and great results for our clients when we practice what we preach. Also, from chatting to all you comms peeps, it seems as if we've hit the mark with what we're saying. Phew!

Rather than feel all warm and fuzzy about the project being a success, we are (like the rest of you!) planning for 2011 and beyond. How much will the trends change? How soon will they become obsolete? What exciting things will hit us right in the chops from leftfield? What next???? It's such an exciting time to be working in this industry, I for one, can't wait to find out what 2011 has got in store for us....


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