Smashing media mailers

I think it's fair to say that the consumer team at Octopus are often viewed as a being a little bit different, but different is good right?

To celebrate the feast of Easter we sent a delivery of 24 Easter egg piñatas and 72 boxes of eggs (that's 288 Easter eggs), no dead goldfish here, to our favourite consumer tech journalists.

Pinata 1

Why, you may ask?  Well besides wanting to make some friends, and eat chocolate, we also wanted to treat everyone to a taste of Trend Micro's latest tech, DirectPass!  It's a really cool new piece of software designed to fight the growing menace of identity theft by simplifying and securing the log-in process for users -  no matter how many different accounts they manage online.

Where are we going with this? Piñatas and chocolate eggs... are you passwords as easy to crack as these?

Long live the media mailer, the cheesier the better. Do excuse us; we're off to find a blindfold and stick!

Kasia @kfwojciechowska and Naomi @missbarry

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